There are few seaside towns quite so quintessentially British as Southwold.

Beautifully picturesque, this town is known for its brightly coloured beach hut lined promenade, iconic pier and magnificent lighthouse that seems to take guard of all those below her. Long lazy beach days on sweeping golden sands – rugged dunes on one side, the glistening sea on the otherbe prepared to fall under the spell of this magical coastal destination. 





The imposing Southwold Lighthouse, standing tall since 1890, provides stunning views from its top and offers insights into the town’s maritime past.

Explore the historic Southwold Pier, adorned with delightful shops, cafes, and amusements, providing entertainment for visitors of all ages.  Don’t miss a visit to St. Edmund’s Church, a striking medieval building that boasts intricate stained-glass windows and an impressive interior.

Southwold lighthouse overlooking the town
Southwold St Edmunds Church

Southwold is renowned for being the home of Adnams, a well-established brewery and distillery that has been producing fine beers, spirits and wines since 1872.

Take a guided tour of the Adnams Brewery and learn about the traditional brewing process.  Sample their award-winning ales, or enjoy a meal at one of their charming pubs, where you can savour delicious dishes paired with locally crafted drinks.

The town has long attracted artists and creatives with a vibrant arts scene to enjoy.

Explore the town’s galleries, showcasing a diverse range of works, from traditional to contemporary. Visit the Southwold Sailors’ Reading Room, an intriguing building filled with maritime artefacts and exhibitions celebrating the town’s seafaring heritage.  Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Electric Picture Palace, a unique small-scale cinema housed in a former Victorian warehouse.




Southwold offers a culinary experience that celebrates local flavours and traditional delights.

Indulge in freshly caught seafood, from succulent fish and chips to mouth-watering oysters from the nearby River Blyth.  Treat yourself to a delectable ice cream or gelato from Harris & James and wander through the vibrant Southwold Market Square, where you can find local produce, artisanal goods, and homemade treats.

A man's hand holding a chocolate icecream cone.
A plate of fried fish.

Nature enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits in and around Southwold.

Take a leisurely walk along the footpaths that meander through the surrounding countryside, including the picturesque Blyth Estuary.  Embark on a boat trip to spot those inquisitive seals, or explore the nearby RSPB Minsmere Reserve, a haven for nature lovers and birdwatchers.

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