Today Aldeburgh remains home to a plenitude of music, literary delights, as well as appealing pastel-hued architecture and fantastic seafront fish restaurants.

It is also an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, with the glorious River Alde winding through its heart, and a spectacular shingle beach. 


Aldeburgh’s breath-taking coastline is a major draw for visitors.

The town’s shingle beach stretches for miles, providing a picturesque setting for leisurely walks and invigorating sea breezes. Embrace the serenity as you watch the waves crash against the shoreline or unwind with a beachfront picnic.  For nature enthusiasts, a stroll along the tranquil Alde Estuary promises sightings of diverse birdlife and serene salt marshes.

Aldeburgh is renowned for its distinctive landmarks that add character to its coastal setting.

The Scallop, a striking sculpture by renowned artist Maggi Hambling, stands proudly on the beach and pays tribute to the town’s most famous resident, composer Benjamin Britten.  Explore the town’s charming streets and you’ll discover colourful fishermen’s cottages, the charming Church of St. Peter and St. Paul, and the historic Martello Tower.


Colourful seafront houses.
A close up of an older boat on land.

This seaside town has a strong artistic heritage, making it a haven for creative minds.

The extremely popular Aldeburgh Festival celebrates classical music, attracting world-class performers from all corners of the globe.  Additionally, art galleries and studios line the streets, showcasing the works of local artists and artisans. The town boasts a fascinating history that dates back centuries. Start your journey by exploring the iconic Aldeburgh Moot Hall, a picturesque 16th-century timber-framed building that houses a museum. Step inside to discover exhibitions that shed light on Aldeburgh’s maritime past, local archaeology, and notable residents.

Food lovers will find plenty to tantalize their taste buds in Aldeburgh.

Sample the freshest seafood, including mouth-watering fish and chips from one of the town’s traditional fish and chip shops. Don’t miss the opportunity to savour locally caught scallops, a true delicacy.  Aldeburgh also boasts charming tearooms, bakeries, and restaurants that offer a variety of culinary delights, including traditional Suffolk dishes and international cuisines.


This much-loved coastal location provides ample opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Embark on a boating adventure along the River Alde, where you can spot seals basking on the riverbanks.  Take a leisurely stroll along the Sailor’s Path, a scenic walk that winds through the beautiful Suffolk countryside, connecting Aldeburgh to the nearby Snape Maltings.  Nature lovers can explore the RSPB Minsmere Reserve, located a short drive away, which is home to an array of bird species and diverse habitats.

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