In my opinion, Woodbridge is a special place.  Being born and bred here, I am easily influenced by the town but I always have and always will love it!

Whether it is the market town in general, its access to the rest of the county, its history or the food & drink, nature, leisure options to name but a few; it has it all…

One of Woodbridge’s main attractions is The River Deben.  A spectacular stretch of tidal water 25 miles long that hosts sailors, swimmers, bird watchers, boats in all different shapes & sizes, and even an annual regatta in June.  The diverse mix of seasons both on and off the water is breath-taking.

Who would not want to live, work or visit here…

A Boatyard for All

As for many, it’s the school summer holidays and working from home is not an option!  I need somewhere to relocate and decamp to on a flexible basis for at least July and August.  Luckily, I was aware of The Sprat Shed at Robertsons Boatyard.

Not only does this give me access to desks, meeting spaces, co-workers and networking opportunities; I am literally on the River Deben!

The boatyard is very much operational and a hub of activity.  The site does not stop at just a boatyard; there is commercial office space, river trips on Sarah Ann Austin, The Crow’s Nest holiday accommodation and The Sprat Shed; my second home this summer.

Up high above the town

It has been a busy and enjoyable summer for many reasons, mainly along with the rest of the team launching Curious Retreats, family time and getting away; on both occasions within Suffolk (West and Aldeburgh).   However, what has maximised the satisfaction of the past two months including a wet July, has been the views from my desk.

In my previous jobs, I had become familiar with modern, new build London commercial space and converted Suffolk barns; both fantastic, but it is here at The Sprat Shed where I have discovered a real treat when it comes to working environment!  The opportunity of being 16m above the ground, harnessed into a crane for aerial views and shots; being a highlight.

‘If you can’t beat them, join them…’

For anyone that has watched The Dig, I am directly opposite Sutton Hoo; only separated by the river itself which at this time of year caters for all and every boating enthusiast.  There are numerous desks to choose from that give you full or partial views of the water.  Personally, I like to mix it up and whether high (infinity esc) or low (drained esc) tides; the distraction from laptop, call or meeting is dangerous!

It is not just the sites, the noises too.  The boatyard machinery, masts in the wind and birds above; remind you of where you are without being a nuisance to interference or productivity (unlike the riverscape!)

The British summer has yet again provided us with most forecasts and temperatures over the past eight weeks or so.  It has been balmy, baltic, mild and muggy; it has been wet, windy and glorious.  Whatever the conditions which can impact most things, it hasn’t spoilt a ‘Desk with a View’.

The saying is ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and with the options of doing this from land or water, I encourage you to do so.

I’m not going to be giving up my desk space and view anytime soon, but with others available along with a wonderful three bedroom/bathroom riverside apartment, The Crow’s Nest with even better views, and/or a refurbished, electric ex RNLI Lifeboat called Sarah Ann Austin to appreciate being on the river; the options are impressive.

Come and work, stay, visit, explore, enjoy or just say hello…#staycurious

PS: Only a stones throw away across the town, you will also find an enchanting bolthole located in the heart of Woodbridge – discover the magic of this town with a stay at 12 New Street


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