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When you combine a group of friends, mischievous children, a patient dog and a grand house in the beautiful Suffolk countryside, you know you’re in for a weekend filled with laughter, togetherness and exploration.

Nestled between Hoxne and Brome, our recent getaway to Wisteria House, in the picturesque village of Oakley, proved to be the backdrop for a delightful, yet cheeky weekend getaway.

The Arrival of Chaos

From the moment you pull up onto the drive the grandeur and elegance of Wisteria House stops you in your tracks.

The expansive gardens, the architecture and of course, the cascading wisteria wrap you up in a warm, welcoming hug.

The children, fuelled by excitement and Capri-Suns, immediately began exploring every nook and cranny of the spacious property.

The house, with its boutique style bedrooms, cozy nooks and quiet corners provided ample space for our party of 14.

Fun and Frolics

The possibility for play and adventure here is endless. We went when the weather rivaled the South of France and with the beautiful olive trees, walled garden and glistening pool I was transported exactly there.

This special spot also became my favourite at dusk. Take your jumper and a good book and you will find a little piece of heaven.

Throw in a glass of rosé and you might have to carry me out kicking and screaming.

Fielding Frenzy

The sprawling grounds of Wisteria House became our playground for the weekend with endless games of cricket and croquet.

With makeshift wickets and tennis balls our team of self-proclaimed cricket legends took to the field.

When the sun shines and laughter fill the air, there’s no better way to spend a day than engaging in a lively game of garden cricket, albeit in our own unconventional style!

As the match neared its end, the scoreboard mattered less than the joy and giggles that echoed through the garden. Howzat!

Family playing cricket on the grass.
Children walking in Curious Retreats branded shirts.

Inside Job

Whilst the outdoors offers abundant fun, Wisteria’s House’s interior is no less captivating.

The rooms of the house cleverly combine contemporary comfort with classic charm. The beds are soft and squidgy and big enough to sleep the whole family should a little one creep up in the night. The sunny hued living room became the heart of our gathering.

Plush sofa, roaring fires and large windows providing a picture of the view outside. Not only had we hit the jackpot with the weather, that weekend also fell on the musical marvel that is Glastonbury. Guns N’ Roses proved a particular highlight.

The normally serene living room found itself transformed into a rock ‘n’ roll haven.

Whilst the kids cringed and rolled their eyes, the adults were transported to Worthy Farm, showing their best Slash air guitars and Axl dance moves. Who needs Paradise City when you have Wisteria House!

Going on a Bear Hunt

Wisteria House offers an ideal base to explore the charming countryside that wraps around it.

With cheer in our hearts and Google maps on our phones we embarked on a leisurely walk along meandering trails, over quaint river bridges and through a network of footpaths. Our resident dog, Sky, was in her element and led the way with boundless energy and a waggy tail.

Sometimes the best adventures come from unexpected twists and turns. Our attempt to embark on a leisurely walk with a dog and a rowdy group of 7 kids turned into a comical escapade filled with laughter, confusion and plenty of detours.

Our initial confidence in our route quickly faded as we realised that none of us had a clear sense of direction. You can imagine our surprise when we stumbled upon the The Swan Inn of Hoxne and boy was she a welcome site.

Not only did she offer us respite and refreshments, but the kids and dog clearly approved of the expansive beer garden. After a few pints of the local Ale, we gathered the rowdy crew, leashed up the dog and headed for home, sweet home.

Master Chef

One of our favourite things about Wisteria House is the amazing outside cooking facilities.

You could be transported from Italy to South Africa via Argentina by way of the pizza oven, grill and barbeque.

The walled courtyard found itself full of happy adults mingling whilst savouring all the delicious food that was prepared. A gastronomic sort of heaven.

Goodbyes are Never Easy

Beyond the stunning surroundings and luxurious amenities it was the shared experience and endless belly laughs that made our weekend at Wisteria House.

It served as the perfect backdrop for our story and what a very happy story it was.

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